Art Spiegelman
Guy Lochhead, 21/05/10
Comic book artist, author and toy designer. His most famous work is probably the ‘Maus’ series, about his grandparents’ experiences during the holocaust. He was also a contributor to MAD magazine, co-editor of RAW (with partner Françoise Mouly), and has co-designed of Wacky Packages, and written a few children’s books. Spiegelman is incredible. I was going to include Maus, but I don’t want to support the race-specificity of it. Persecuted Poles etc. are sidelined to highlight the plight of the Jews. I realise the book is a study of two people, really, but I still think there are other ways I could include the lessons of the Holocaust that wouldn’t cherrypick for the audience. I already feel bad enough for the current borderline-Fascist attitude it takes to choose ‘suitable’ cultural material for ‘my’ audience, and am very wary of going too far with it. I will include Wacky Packages, and some other work he’s done with his wife, Françoise Mouly.

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