Albert Maysles
Guy Lochhead, 20/05/10
American documentary filmmaker. Maysles originally worked with his younger brother, David, in creating films including ‘Salesman’, ‘Gimme Shelter’ and ‘Grey Gardens’. After his brother’s death in 1987, Maysles continued to make films on his own. In 2005, he founded the Maysles Institute, a non-profit organisation providing training for underprivileged filmmakers. He is famous also for his signature black-rimmed glasses. He once gave a pair to a fan, which resulted in the London-based ‘Albert Maysels’ Glasses’ website that allows you to have your picture taken wearing the glasses. Albert Maysels is amayseling. His filmography couples art-based vanity pieces with hard social deconstructions. I prefer the latter, but think that ‘Grey Gardens’ portrays both, and should therefore be included as it’s more representative of his (and his brother’s) career as a whole. His work with underprivileged aspiring filmmakers and the education projects tied to many of his films cement his place in the programmes.

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