Guy Lochhead, 18/02/12
Pronounced ‘Big A Little A’, this is a Brooklyn-based indie band recognisable by its big percussion and use of language as an instrument rather than a communicative tool. Oh god it’s an art band. Looks like a lot of fun to play if you were feeling particularly wild that day – and all the band members look very into themselves and their music – but the whole thing’s pretty annoying really. All the challenging elements are pretty lazy (the beats are just layered, not syncopated or polyrhythmic; the vocals are just put through a bullhorn to sound more wild; the synth noodling just goes up and then down again; the more adventurous stuff is in distinct sections separate from the pop elements). IDK, there were post-punk bands in the ’80s killing it with globally-aware indie dance music (23 Skidoo etc.) that made you think AND dance more. This is old music that is so stoked on itself about being new, like a religious child discovering masturbation. And what a shit name. Shame it brings Crass to mind. They should be kept as far away from this shit as possible.

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