99 Records
Guy Lochhead, 09/09/10
Legendary New York City indie record label founded by Ed Bahlman that released no-wave/post-punk records from 1980-1984. The label was named after its location at 99 MacDougal Street in the West Village. It started as a hip clothes shop, then became a record shop and hipster hang-out spot. It’s now an Indian restaurant. 99 Records is significant in the history of rock music, but it doesn’t have much importance outside of that. The bands developed punk music in a way that rebalanced the genre’s gender bias and took a truly global influence. Even though, as I’ve written, 99 Records is hardly world-changing, I want to incorporate a building very similar to the restaurant currently sited at 99 MacDougal Street, as being symbolic of change. The 99 Records bands were pioneering in small ways, and those ways can add up.

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