924 Gilman Street
Guy Lochhead, 09/09/10
Berkeley, California all-ages music club named after its street address. The club was formed in 1986 to fill a gap in venues, as a “volunteer-run, not-for-profit alternative community venue”, where decisions are made in membership ($1-per-year) meetings at 1700 on the first and third Saturdays of each month. There is a strict no drugs, alcohol or violence policy, and the venue will not book or support racist, misogynistic, anti-homosexual or major-label bands. For a band to be booked there, they must first send in a copy of their lyrics to the venue. This is an incredible place, with a fantastic history. At the moment, I’ll include ‘924 Gilman: The Story So Far’, but I’ll look out for any newer bits and bobs that might come out. I’ll definitely read that book, regardless, and look to include some of the stories about the place in some way.

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